Looking for Beta Readers

I’ve just finished a draft of my next book – Conservation of Energy- and I would really like some feedback on it before I publish it. 

I’m starting to think of my books as low-cost, problem-solving based, visual textbooks, and I want to make sure that anyone reading them learns what they were hoping to learn, and that it’s fun for them. As part of that, this month I’m going through each of my old books and adding in summaries of the material covered, as well as hundreds more practice problems and answers. I think I may even add printable flashcards here on my website.

In order to make these as helpful as possible, I really need feedback on what’s working and what isn’t.

If you would like to read my newest book, send me an email at SarahAllenPhysics at gmail dot com. I would be very grateful for feedback, and you can help make these books even better for other readers!

Or, another way you could help is by commenting below and letting me know what you were looking for when you came to my website, and what you’re looking for out of a  physics book.



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