Algebra Review Worksheets for Physics

I noticed in my blog stats today that someone found my site because they searched for “algebra review worksheets for physics.” I didn’t have anything like that here, so I thought I would add some, in case anyone else was wanting to brush up on their math skills before taking physics. 

I do have a page here with a list of Khan Academy topics you should have down before you take physics, but there is also a really great site with free worksheets called Kuta Software. They have free worksheets for everything up to calculus, and what’s especially great is that they all have answers.

Here are the ones I would recommend you do before you take physics:

Trig Problems

Pythagorean Theorem

Inverse Trig Functions

Basic Algebra

Solving Systems of Equations

Somewhat harder systems of equations (harder than what you’ll have to do in physics)


Solving Quadratic Equations

Complex Fractions (These just tend to trip people up, I’ve noticed)

If you can do all these no problem, then you’re ready for basic, algebra-based physics.

If you’re going to take calculus-based physics, you might want to do these, too:


Higher-order derivatives

Product Rule

Quotient Rule

Chain Rule

Derivative at a value

Integration: Power Rule

Integration: Logs and Exponentials

Integration: Substitution

Depending on how in-depth the class is, there may or may not be more that you’ll need to know, calculus-wise, but the above cover the basics as far as being able to take derivatives and integrals goes.


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